How Much Does a Real Estate Lawyer Cost in Ajax, Ontario?

Real Estate Lawyer Fees for Closing on a Home in Ajax

The fees typically range from $450 to $2,000. But there’s more to answering “how much does a real estate lawyer cost in Ajax” than that. Cost can vary based on complexity of the transaction, for instance if there is one mortgage involved or three. Read on.

Buying or Selling Property in Ajax is There a Difference in Cost?

Generally, yes. Buying is more expensive than selling. But they are in the same ballpark. Selling typically costs a few hundred dollars less than buying. It would make the most sense to use the same lawyers for selling and buying if you are selling your existing property and buying another. Some legal firms combine and discount their charges in those cases. Some will charge you the full rate for each real estate transaction.

What are Disbursements?

A fancy term for expenses. Disbursements are fees that the lawyer or firm had to pay during execution of the legal service they are providing. Often these are third party charges or additional internal charges.

An invoice on a clipboard with a calculator and a pen showing the cost of a real estate lawyer in Ajax, Ontario.

What Goes into the Real Estate Lawyer Cost in Ajax?

Legal fees are the base cost. Those are variable. Different lawyers in different regions charge different fees. As low as $450. As high as $2,000 or more.

Next are disbursements. These can include any and all of the following and more:

  • Postage
  • Couriers
  • Bank Administrative Fees
  • Electronic Document Online Signing Fees
  • Faxes
  • Photocopies
  • Property/Title Searches
  • Law Society Transaction Levy
  • Various Registration Fees
  • Various Software Fees
  • Minister of Finance Registration Fees for Transfer and Mortgage
  • Bank Charges
  • Wire Charges
  • Administration Charges
  • Travel Expenses
  • Conveyancing Fees (fees for the preparation and/or software and/or process of transferring legal title on the from seller to the buyer
  • Unity charges – Unity is the software used by most lawyers in Ajax and Ontario for completing the conveyance of the deed
  • ID Verification
  • Plus HST is applicable to most of these items

AND if there is any legal work that goes beyond the expected simple case, there could well be additional hourly legal fees charged as well.

You will not see all of those line items listed above on your invoice (or in fact your Statement of Adjustments on close), because some may or many not apply. And legal firms combine or summarize charges differently. Some go into great detail and others do not. Also, the names are not always standard, so you might get synonyms.

So ultimately your lawyer will charge you their fee, which they should be able to give you up front, and then a variable charge for the disbursements or expenses that should be itemized on your final invoice.

Real Estate Law is complicated with no shortage of esoteric terms. Whether you are buying a home or selling one, your law firm will explain the entire process to you. They have a responsibility to go through many documents line-by-line for purchase and sale. You can stop them at any point to ask for clarification. They are explaining your legal rights and responsibilities as they pertain to the transaction.

The opposite party’s lawyer will send documentation to your lawyer and they will read and validate its contents, then explain the high points to you. Sometimes they find errors and will get that clarified on your behalf.

In terms of legal advice, you will be asked to a meeting, very often virtual these days, wherein your attorney will read through various documents with you to verify that you understand what you are signing. You are able to ask your lawyer anything related to the real property transaction then. More than likely, your lawyer will answer any questions you have by email or phone as well.

Two of the most important documents in real estate deals is the agreement of purchase and sale and the statement of adjustments. Your lawyer will take pains to walk you through them giving advice on the way. Part of their legal experience in handling residential properties is communicating with non-experts like you.

For a full range of services that your lawyer will execute on your behalf in a typical property transaction, read more here.

Yes. But the disbursements are variable and there are caveats that could change the price. If your financing is complicated requiring extra work, you will likely be charged for it. Additional services that you might require will add additional charges.

There’s always a marketing advantage to being able to answer “How much does a real estate lawyer cost in Ajax” definitively. Many do it for that reason alone.

A person typing on a laptop with a lot of paperwork on it, wondering about the cost of a real estate lawyer in Ajax.

Do Any Lawyers Available in the Ajax Area Charge a Flat Rate for Disbursements?

Yes. But there are exceptions. They may separate out the title insurance or registration fees or similar. Anytime a flat fee is charged, that is going to be for typical real estate needs. If something comes up that goes beyond the standard expected fees and disbursements, you will be charged additional. Real estate lawyer cost in Ajax is variable, so shop around.

Are the Costs For Condo Sales or Purchases Lower?

Not generally. If fact, dealing with the complexities of condominium transactions can be more complicated. Pre-sale versus re-sale changes things again. Condos are complicated by the shared ownership and stewardship of the building and its facilities. In the case of pre-sale condos, you have to deal with the developer and his lawyers which can be difficult as things have a way of changing throughout the process.

Are Lawyers in Ajax Less Expensive than those in Toronto?

They can be for lots of good reasons (rent, parking, etc). But they aren’t always. A real estate lawyer in Ajax may promote themself as a cheaper alternative just as any lawyer in any region could do. But yes, from what we’ve seen, Ajax lawyers are more often on the less expensive side relative to Toronto.

However, some of that is due to the fact that Ajax real estate prices are lower than many places in the GTA. Lawyers, like accountants and may other professionals, tend to charge more on higher valued transactions. An Ajax real estate lawyer is stifled by local real estate property valuations. The cost of a real estate lawyer in Ajax, Ontario tends to be lower.

Sadly a Higher Fee is No Guarantee of Competence

Extensive experience is a much better guide. But so too is personality or fit. If you and your lawyer can communicate effectively, that generally bodes well for you. Good lawyers provide clients with information proactively. Experienced lawyers are cool and collected. Sometimes higher fees for professional services can result in indifference toward the little guy. But there are no guarantees. This is a transactional relationship. If you are not getting what you are paying for, then say something.

Get a lawyer located in Ajax. There are plenty of lawyers in the Greater Toronto Area, but stick to the Ajax community to source yours. They know the local real estate market that home buyers and sellers will be subject to. The might know your realtor. Most will have a virtual signing service that makes buying easier than ever, but it might be nice do things like signings in office. Local offices are better for that.